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Meazer Lending Corporation ("Meazer Lending Inc.") is a financing company that caters to local and worldwide entrepreneurs.

Meazer Lending Corporation is a world-class financing company that offers financing solutions to businesses that need capital to increase the level of activity of their business or in investments.

Meazer Lending Inc. has built its reputation to be a remarkable company delivering its unique personalized services with superior flexibility, productivity and efficiency.

Meazer Lending Corporation : It's prosperity through reliabilty for you, your company, and your team.

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Serving your financing needs since 2000. For more than 20 years, Meazer Lending Corporation continues to keep our customers at the heart of everything we do. We strive to know you better, and to adopt your needs. As we continue to grow, we want to help you reach your dreams


Meazer Lending Inc. aims to be the premiere financing institution to meet the diverse needs of the market by offering the best terms of credit, efficient service, and products that are best suited to our clients' needs. Through technology, efficiency and cost-effectiveness will be achieved. As a financial company, Meazer Lending Inc.'s strength lies in its core competitiveness of offering superior business-to-business services to client-companies in need of such.


Our Mission is to invest in the global minded generation so that they are empowered in their financial future. We do our best to provide wide variety of credit facilities that would help to provide strong and sustainable community. We offer quality service to business and companies that are seeking financial requirements. We provide fair and affordable credit facilities to company employees to relieve them from financial trouble.


Flexibility. Meazer Lending Inc believes in making micro-finance (consumer loan) services simple and accessible to local and worldwide entrepreneurs in need of loan placements. With competitive low interest rates, Meazer Lending Inc. offers one of the lowest effective interest rate in the market.
Productivity. With Meazer Lending Inc, you can be assured that company records and applicant information are kept safe and secure in our system. With our state-of-the-art software and database managing tools, we are able to access reports on status updates, loan placements, or outstanding balances thereby providing timely, confidential and efficient services to our clients.
Efficiency. Meazer Lending Inc's personalized service provides utmost comfort and convenience letting our clients have immediate access to funds when they need it.


What our clients say about our products and services

Miguel P Lopez, MAKATI

Ceo & Founder

I would like to say thanks to the management of Meazer Lending for trusting me to borrow money for expenses to my New business. It is a very big help for my needs and I hope that you had more people to help like me. God bless and more power!

Janella D L, MANILLA


Meazer Lending has made access to funds so easy. I would highly recommend this company as it runs a very professional operation that has provided timely advice when needed. Without Meazer Lending we would not have been able to do what we have done.

Luna A Domingo, DAVAO

Store Owner

I would like to say THANK YOU for helping me, my friends, and all the nurses in the Philippines! Please continue helping those people in attaining their dreams, in fulfilling their hope and give them a massive chance to become a competitive nurse around the world! Cheers .

Francis Aquino, QUEZON


I would like to thank you for the fast and reliable processing of my loan. I was in rush and you gave a great help! I'm going on my second year in abroad and I'm not here without your help.

Paolo Jr. Navaro , G SANTOS


Thanks for helping me make my dreams a reality. One year ago, I wouldn't have though that this was possible. More power to you and your future endeavors!.